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Hodgson Building Contractor.
Three Generations providing quality construction and maintenance on Georgian Bay.

John HodgsonBack in 1953, John Hodgson took over a portion of an established construction and cottage services business on Georgian Bay. Established in the early 1900's by his father-in-law in the Pointe au Baril area, John's business, then called John Hodgson Contractor, continued in his father-in-laws tradition, adding propane delivery as an additional service to the islanders.

John, with his wife Eva, raised four boys, Stanley, John (Jack), Wes, and Gary, who helped with the family business.

"I remember working along side my father and grandfather," says son, Stan, currently at the reigns of the family business. "I was only a young teenager and I didn't do a lot back then. I used to go up on the roof, and cleaned up around the two of them. I must have enjoyed it 'cause here I am.

John and Eva's four sons worked summers and weekends while in school, but all held separate goals, some more toward administration, and choosing to raise families in the city.

Following his own interests, Stanley, the eldest son, moved to Long Branch, Ontario, serving a plumbing apprenticeship, and becoming a master plumber and gas technician. Around 1962, he opened Stan's Plumbing and Heating and A-1 Plumbing Services which he operated for approximately six years in Port Credit.

"I never had an inkling of taking over the family business until the opportunity arose," he says, describing it as: "A stroke of luck."

"Working on the Bay is a lifestyle all it's own. I had to leave here to gain the necessary experience, learn the trade, but nothing beats working on the Bay."
All of Stan's brothers live and work in the cities.

"My youngest brother became a plumber, and served his apprenticeship under my company in Port Credit, but they only come to Pointe au Baril with their families as cottagers," says Stan.

So when the option came to purchase the business upon his father's retirement, Stan saw it as an opportunity to move his wife Edith, who was expecting their son Mark, and young family, Keith and Dineen, back to a place that held many fond childhood memories. The business was purchased in 1975 and incorporated as Stan Hodgson Contracting.

"I've always been involved in renovations and construction," he explains. "It's what I knew, and being an avid hunter and fisherman, there's no other place I'd rather be, even though I was more involved in the gas and plumbing end. When the opportunity arose, I grabbed it."

Surprisingly, he finds very little has changed in the day-to-day operations of the business since he purchased it 27 years ago.

"There's no difference whatsoever, other than the obvious advancements in technology, it still boils down to common sense, customer satisfaction and pride in your product," he explains. "When Keith takes over, I'm sure he'll find the same things are important."
Edith runs her own end of the business providing cottage cleaning and laundry service to their many customers.

Over the years Stan has also been involved in the community through participation on the local Roads Board, Recreation Community and served as past president of the local Lions Club.

Summer jobs for Keith and Mark

Sons, Keith and Mark both held summer jobs learning about the family business, just as Stan did as a teenager, cleaning up and helping the men.

Keith and Stan Hodgson"Right from the start Keith showed a knack for building, working with wood and shared my love of the Bay. He always viewed the family business with an eye to the future," recalls Stan. "Mark was good but never that keen. He still helps out when we need him."

One of Keith's earliest recollections about working in the family business was the sage advice from his grandfather.: "No matter what you're doing, whether it's sweeping the floor or constructing the building, you do the best you can do, and take pride in it."
Those words stand out in his memory as he remembers learning about the family business.

"I was fortunate enough to have been initially introduced to the trade working under my father," says Keith. "I always enjoyed building construction and learned the basics back in Parry Sound high school from Al Kuzmyk. That's when I got the taste for the design and drafting end of it. I could easily have continued on into architecture, but that would have limited my time on the Bay. I really enjoy being 'hands on'.

Keith has designed many of the building projects,undertaken by his father's company over the past 18 years. For him the biggest advantage and disadvantage are the same.

"A major disadvantage is having to deal with family 24/7, but, that in itself can also be on of the greatest advantages, considering that my own children are old enough to get involved," says Keith. "They bring their own special talents, and someday may be the fourth generation of Hodgson Contractors on Georgian Bay."

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